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How to Replace Screen Mesh Cloth for Rotary Vibrating Screen?

  When the rotary vibrating screen is used for a long time, the screen will be damaged or blocked, and then the screen needs to be replaced.

  Then how to replace screen mesh cloth for rotary vibrating screen?

  Different screen frames have different screen replacement methods. There are some kinds of screen frame or screen holder structures for rotary vibro sieve. Such as L type, P type, S type, Outer Flange type etc.

Screen Frame Designs Characteristics
L type

1. use rivets to directly rivet the screen on the screen frame;

2. can be designed as a double-screen structure, say put a fine screen above a coarse support screen (usually 6 mesh). And the fine screen can be reaplaced easily.

P type

1. adhesive type screen frame, need to use special screen mesh stretch tooling when replacing the screen;

2. high rate of material passing through the screen, light weight, high cleanliness and there is no dead corner.

S type

1. single screen with double-hoop;

2. the double hoop structure can effectively avoid the phenomenon of material leakage and grout runout;

3. high rate of material passing through the screen.

Flange type

1. two flanges: one groove flange & one convex groove flange. 

2. weld the convex groove flange in the screen frame, use the groove flange as the moving part, place the screen mesh between the two flanges, lock with screws, the screen surface is naturally stretched flat.

                     L Type Screen Frame                                        P Type Screen Frame

                   S Type Screen Frame                                       Flange Type Screen Frame


Take the L type double-screen design screen frame for an example. Let's see how to replace the screen cloth for rotary vibrating sifter.

1. Pre-tightening the loop.

2. Lay the fine screen on the support screen, and then loop the screen.

3. Tighten the lopp.

4. Cut off the excess screen.

5. Treat the excess screen on the edge.

6. Install the sealing rubber strip.

7. Place the screen frame on the screening machine.

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