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Test Sieve Shaker

  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker
  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker
  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker
  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker
  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker
  • AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker
AT200tap Test Sieve ShakerAT200tap Test Sieve ShakerAT200tap Test Sieve ShakerAT200tap Test Sieve ShakerAT200tap Test Sieve ShakerAT200tap Test Sieve Shaker

AT200tap Test Sieve Shaker

  • Type: tapping type sieve shaker
  • Sieve Numbers: 1~8
  • Digital Display: YES
  • Time Adjustment: 0~99 minutes
  • Product description: rotap sieve shaker,ro-tap sieve,ro-tap sieve shaker,rotap sieve,rotap test sieve shaker, ro-tap sieve shaker,rotap lab sieve,ro-tap lab sieve


  AT200tap test sieve shaker is also known as the rotap sieve shaker.

  The tap test sieve shaker can be equipped with sound-proof shield according to the requirement.

  The tap sieve shaker (synchronous belt type) made by our company is in accordance with international products. The working parameters meet the national standards. With test sieve and sample sieve, it can be used for metallurgy, chemical industry, abrasive, super hard materials, feed, food, medicine and other industries screening production and inspection of the powder materials.

Working Principle:

The motor drives the gear speed change through the synchronous belt, making the main shaft rotate. And then the main shaft drives the eccentric wheel to make the slide plate drive the test sieve shake left and right. At the same time, it drives the top gear rotate, strike the hammer and slap the test sieve, making materials in the test sieve and sample sieve screen layer by layer. So people can accurately obtain the materials of multiple particle size ranges at the same time, achieving accurate and rapid screening purposes.


1. The reproducibility of the test result is good.

2. It can be equipped with 200mm or 205mm sieves, 1~8 layers.

3. Simple operation, free of refueling, clean, hygienic and convenient.

4. Selection of high quality accessories, reasonable structure, low failure rate.

5. Complete synchronous belt conduction power, quick and easy maintenance.

6. Sound protecting cover can be installed to avoid noise.

7. Accurate transmission, good consistency.

8. Long life and low maintenance cost.

9. High screening efficiency.

10. Clean.


Mainly used in diamond and other materials of high value, requiring accurate screening of the abrasive industry. It is widely used in metallurgy, powder, chemical, pharmaceutical, building materials, geology, feed, defense and other departments of scientific research and production, laboratory, and quality inspection room, for particle and powdery materials granular structure and sundries amount of standard screening, filtering and inspection sieve test. The device is equipped with timing device to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of the user test results.

Technical Parameters:

NO. Name Value Unit
1 Diameter 300, 200, 150, 100, 75 mm
2 Layer 1~8 Layer
3 Shaking Times 290±10 times/min
4 Tapping Times 156±10 times/min
5 Reciprocating Trip 25 mm
6 Tapping Height 38±6 mm
7 Power 180 W
8 Voltage 380, 220 V
9 Dimensions H700*L650*W450 mm
10 Weight 100 KG

Note: All technical data and dimensions of our products shall be subject to physical objects.

Structure Diagram:

1.hammer   2. knockout pin   3. eccentric wheel   4. motor   5. motor gear

6. synchronous belt     7. box     8. bottom slide plate     9. tray

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