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About us

AAREAL is located in the hometown of vibration equipment, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China. We are one of the leading brands in Fine Screening Industry.
  With more than 20 years of experience, we specialize in the design and production of vibrating screen separation and filtration equipment. And our company takes the "On-Line Industrial Large Capacity Screening, On-Line Continuous Dynamic Filtration" as the product design concept. 

3H: High Capacity, High Precision, High Return
3L: Low Failure Rate, Low Downtime, Low Cost

Our factory mainly produce gyratory screen, gyratory sifter, tumbler screen, gyro screen,  ultrasonic screener, inline screener, rotary screen, linear screen, all-in-one machine, test sieve shaker and the peripheral equipments such as vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, bucket elevator etc.

1. Gyratory Screen
gyratory screener, gyratory separator, gyratory sifter, gyratory screening machine, planar rotary screen, plane rotary screen, rotary flat sieve, flat screen, square precision screening machine, reciprocating screen, rotex machine, rotex screener, rotex vibrating screen, gyratory screen separator, gyratory vibrating screen 

2. Gyratory Sifter
square gyratory screen, gyratory screener, square swing screen, sweco type gyratory screen, gyratory separator, gyratory screen separator, gyratory vibrating screen

3. Tumbler Screen
tumbler screening machine, tumbler sieve, swinging screen, swinging sieve, rocking sieve, shaking sieve machine

4. Gyro Screen
round separator, rotatory vibrating screen, rotary vibrating sieve, round vibrating screen, round vibrating sieve, round sifter, round screener, round vibro sieve machine, round gyratory screen, rotary screen, vibrating sifter, circular vibratory screen, circular vibrating screen, circular vibrating sieve, gyro screen, gyro screen machine, gyro sifter, gyratory sifter, gyratory screen, gyratory sieving machine, vibro sifter, vibro separator, vibro screen, vibro grader, classic separator, vibratory separator, vibratory sifter, sanitary separators, filter sieve machine, industrial sifter, round separators screener, vibro shifter, rotary screener, rotary separator, rotary sieve machine, rotary sieve screen, rotary sifter machine, gyratory vibrating screen, rotary sieve shaker, scraper rotary vibrating screen, multi-deck vibrating separator, multi-deck vibrating filter

5. Ultrasonic Screener
ultrasonic separator, ultrasonic vibrating screen, ultrasonic vibrating sieve, ultrasonic sieve deblinding system, ultrasonic screener, ultrasonic screen separator, ultrasonic sifter, ultrasonic screening systems, ultrasonic screen, ultrasonic sieve, ultrasonic sieve shaker, ultrasonic sieving machine, ultrasonic vibration machine

6. Inline Screener
low profile flow-thru separator, low-profile vibrating sieve, low profile separator, flow-thru separator, vibro flow-thru separator, inline screen, vibration in-line screen, inline vibro screen, vibrating control screener, direct discharge screen, low profile circular separator, straight-flow separator, flow through inline sifter, flowthru vibrating separator, flow-thru rotary vibrating separator, flow-thru vibro separator , flow- thru vibro screen, flour sifter, flour sieve, check screening machine, safety screener, control sieve, compact sieve 

7. All-in-one Machine
feeding and screening all-in-one machine, feeding and sifting all-in-one machine, dust-free feeding station, dust-free feeding and screening station, sack tip station, bag tipping platform, bag dumper station, bag dump screener system

8. Rotary Screen
centrifugal sifter, centrifugal sieve, airflow screen, airflow sieve, horizontal airflow screen, turbo sieve, cyclone sieve, airflow centrifugal sifter, centrifugal screener, centrifugal powder sifter, rotary screen, rotary sieve, rotary sifter, air classifier, rotary separator, rotary screener, rotary sieve machine, rotary sieve screen, trommel screen, trommel vibrating screen, trommel vibrating sieve, drum screen, drum sieve, drum sieve machine, drum sifter, drum screening machine, revolving screen, cylinder round sifter, cylinder rotary screen, revolving cylindrical sieve, cylinder revolving screen, roller screen, roller sieve, rotary drum screen, rotary drum screener, rotary screener, rotary separator, rotary sieve machine, rotary sieve screen

9. Linear Screen
rectangular separator, linear vibrating screen, horizonal vibrating screen, rectangular vibrating screen, rectangular sifter, rectangular screener, linear screen, rectangular sieve, linear screener, sand sieving machine, probability screen, mogensen screen, mogensen sieve, mogensen sizer, mogensen screener, mogensen screening machine, probability sieve, vibration probability screen, vibrating probability screen, vibration probability sieve, vibrating probability sieve, dewatering screen, drainage screen, drainage sieve, dehydration vibrating screen, dewatering vibrating screen, vibrating dewatering screen, dehydration shaker, sculping screen, medium drainage screen, medium draining screen, sizing-medium drainage screen, vibrating filtering sieve, vibration filter screen, vibrating filter, wet screening machine, wet sieving machine, wet classifier, multi-deck vibrating separator, multi-deck vibrating filter

10. Test Sieve Shaker
lab sieve shaker, inspection sieve machine, tap sieve shaker, electromagnetic vibration test sieve shaker, electromagnetic inspection screen machine, electromagnetic screening instrument, motor vibration test sieve shaker, double-motor vibration test sieve shaker, magnetic suspension sieve shaker, ro-tap sieve, test sieve

11. Feeder & Conveyor
motor vibration feeder, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, electro-vibrating feeder, magnetic vibration-actuated feeder, belt conveyor, belt conveyer, screw conveyor, screw conveyer, spiral conveyer, spiral conveyor, vibrating conveyor, oscillating conveyor, shaker conveyor, shaking conveyer, bucket elevator, vibrating spiral elevator, vertical vibration screw feeder, vertical spiral vibration elevator, spiral vertical vibration elevator



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